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Shonia Tahiliani - Cerebral Palsy (UK)

Author Tracy Views Posted at 2011/11/07

Name: Vaishnavi (Shonia) Tahiliani                                  
Sex: Female
Country: United Kingdom
Age: 8
Diagnosis: Cerebral Palsy Quadriplegic with Epilepsy
Period of treatment: 2007 June 2nd - Sept 27th

Medical history before treatment:
8 year old Shonia Tahiliani was born with Cerebral Palsy. She is quadriplegic, suffers from epilepsy and delayed physical and cognitive development. She cannot walk or speak; she can make a few simple sounds and can minimally respond to commands. She has great difficulty remembering and learning new things.Before coming for treatment Shonia weighted 13kg, and her height was 106cm. Despite her parents' efforts she could not gain weight and did not grow. Shonia had postural imbalance that did not allow her to walk or even sit unsupported: her upper body was thrust backwards, her legs were crossed in a scissors like posture, and her leg muscles were tight to a level where she was not able to place her foot flatly on the ground, but could only stand on her toes. Since her waist and neck muscles were weak, she could not hold herself in a sitting position without support.
She could not grasp objects with her hands, as they were too tight and weak.   Shonia was often nervous and anxious, and her seizure disorder would worsen in an unfamiliar environment or when meeting new people.

Patient received stem cell treatment by Dr.Like Wu, Dr.Xiaojuan Wang and their medical team.

After stem cell treatment:
Shonia was discharge from the hospital after 4 months of stem cell treatment by Dr Like Wu and Dr Xiaojuan Wang, weighing 15.5kg, and a height of 114cm.  She gained 2.5kg and grew taller by 8cm.  Her doctors noted that her gaining weight was essential to her progress. Shonia showed a significant improvement in her posture: she now had better sitting posture than before, better control of her neck and waist, and she could now stand straight with her feet flat on the ground, a significant step that may allow her one day to walk. Her general muscle tension has decreased while her muscle volume increased. She now has better control of her hands and fingers and can grasp small objects in her hands, though not for a long time. An important improvement for Shonia is her improved movement of her eyeballs. She can fix her eyes on one object better than before and her tracking and eye contact improved, which results in a better response to commands and better communication.  Shonia's speech has improving as well; when Shonia was 4 years old her speech deteriorated and she almost did not speak since then. During the treatment, she started to make progress again, the few words she could say were now more clear and she started to make new sounds. Shonia also showed better control of her tongue, which made her chew and bite better than before. During the last two months of the treatment Shonia's epilepsy was controlled with no epileptic episodes. Shonia's parents are hoping to bring their daughter for a second treatment in the coming future. 
To contact Shonia's parents and read more about her story visit Shonia's website at: http://uk.360.yahoo.com/kishpritshonia.

On the 21st of February, 2008, 5 months after Shonia's treatment, her mother, Priti, told a "Daily Echo" reporter:
Shonia is now 8cm taller, 3kg heavier, and can sit unaided. She can stand with very little support and place her feet flat on the ground, raising hopes that she will walk one day.

She has gained control over her neck, hands, fingers and eye movements. She can follow instructions; is toilet trained; has started trying to feed herself; and is attempting to talk. Most strikingly, she seems happier and more relaxed.

"Her sleep has improved so much," said Mrs. Tahiliani. "Before, every little noise would wake her. Now she can sleep like a baby. We've reduced her epilepsy medication. She's only had one seizure in the last eight months."

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